The scientific journal of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels Alexandria University (JFTH) has been issued by the faculty since 2003.
It is an annual journal approved by the Academy of Scientific Research with an  international numbering (ISSN2314-7024).
The JFTH issues yearly one volume  divided into two issues.

It accepts the publication in Arabic and English and publishes everything related to tourism, hotels and tourist guidance.
The journal includes the following sections:

1- Scientific research and studies.

2 - Summaries of the scientific theses that have been discussed in college.

3 - Summaries of scientific research of faculty members in the faculty, which were published during the year. 

The Journal of Faculty of Tourism and Hotels (JFTH). JFTH is one of the key journals in tourism studies in Egypt and the Middle East.
JFTH provides a really exciting opportunity to consider the truly interdisciplinary nature of the tourism industry at a time of great change
in the Middle East Area in general and in the tourism industry in specific.

The objective of JFTH is to publish up-to-date, original, innovative and high-quality research papers along with relevant and insightful reviews.

As such, the journal aspires to be vibrant, engaging and challenging.

The researches tackle different topics related to tourism, hospitality, tourist guiding studies and Egyptian history. Researchers are traditional in form and demonstrate a sound theoretical and/or methodological underpinning and a clear contribution to knowledge in the field.

The researches are concerned with several significant topics related to; tourism crisis management, environmental tourism planning, international time share, environmental management systems in hotels, food choices and selection in restaurants, and decoration in Ancient Egyptian monuments .